Life in the UK

We can help you prepare for the Life in the UK Test. This is a requirement to apply for

  • Settlements Visa
  • Indefinite Leave to remain in the UK and the British Citizenship.

We provide you with the knowledge and the resources required to take the test. We help you build your self - confidence and explain to you everything needed to pass the test.

The course will help you to pass the Life in the UK Test:

  • The course gives you all the key facts and dates you need to pass the test.
  • It taking you through, and helping you understand, the official Life in the UK Book.
  • By showing you a visual presentation with many pictures to help you understand and remember what you are learning.

We go through through questions at the end of each of the sections of the book, and tests on the whole book.

In class we go through questions together that are very like the questions in the real test.

The course is taught in a small group - the maximum class size is eight.

The questions in the 'real' test, are based on information to be found in the official handbook:  Life in the United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents (3rd edition) published by TSO

Questions can be based on any part of the official book, so it is important to study the whole book.

The test is a multiple choice, computer based test, with 24 questions; you need to get 18 questions correct to pass the test.

The 24 questions will be different for each person taking the test. You have 45 minutes in which to do the test.

life in the UK

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